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题目链接题目You are given an array of integers. Vasya can permute (change order) its integers. He wants to do...

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题目链接题目There are $n$ rectangles in a row. You can either turn each rectangle by $90$ degrees or leave it...

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题目链接题目Vitya has just started learning Berlanese language. It is known that Berlanese uses the Latin alp...

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前言  上周的时候需要实现一个生成在线二维码的功能,鉴于网上的大部分API都会在二维码生成的后面加上若干奇奇怪怪的东西,比如说用来商业SEO的特征码,看起来很不舒服,于是就自己写了一个。项目地址